Abdulaziz Alsaeed

Job Title
Business Development & Sales Manager
OQ Technology
I possess a meticulous approach to my work and have gained expertise in product management, business development, and process enhancement. Through effective communication and analytical thinking, I have effectively overseen the entire product life cycle within the oil and gas industry, fostering business expansion and guaranteeing utmost customer contentment. Alongside my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, I am presently pursuing an MBA from Swiss Business School Zurich. My past accomplishments demonstrate a consistent delivery of outcomes and the ability to streamline operations for organizational triumph. Should you require further details or support, please do not hesitate to contact me.


11:35 / 12:25
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Satellite Solutions Serving the Oil & Gas Regional Industry

As the Oil and Gas sector remains a fundamental pillar of the regional economy, this panel aims to discuss with industrials how space solutions are supporting them in tackling sustainability challenges of the sector and making their daily operations easier.