Ali Alshehhi

Job Title
National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC)
Ali Al Shehhi has more than 33 years of experience working in leadership positions in the UAE Air Forces. He has a Bachelor’s degree in aviation science Higher college of Technology (UAE), and a Master’s degree in management and Comms. Sorbonne University (UAE). Ali joined the UAEAF in 1988 when he started flying as a pilot in the Airforce Academy in Pakistan. In 1997 he worked in Air Force Intelligence and became the satellite ground resaving station manager in the year 2000. Ali managed many projects inside and outside the country, most notably the Falcon Eye Program, which started in 2013 in Toulouse, France. In addition to that, he led the Space Reconnaissance Center in Abu Dhabi until 2021. Recently, Mr. Ali decided to take a new direction in his career to support the research, development, and education sector in the country, where he joined the UAE University 2022 as the director of the National Space Science and Technology Center.