Amar Vora

Job Title
Head of Space
As Head of Space for the Middle East, Amar is leading the growth and operations of Serco Middle East’s space business, which aims to build a local division, with locally trained team members, that will support the national visions in space of the region by providing extensive space services for the benefit of local governments and the private sector. Amar has spent over a decade in the space industry, with experience across the value chain, defining new solutions and market strategies, across domains such as EO, satcom, SSA, launch, operations, and space data services. Amar is also active in space skills and outreach initiatives, supporting the growth of knowledge and future workforce in the industry. Prior to this, Amar was part of the Serco UK space team, and has previously worked at ESA and SSTL.


11:00 / 11:45
Grand Ballroom

Space Enablers

Growing Middle East Ecosystem

The development of a national space sector is a major objective of the space strategies formulated by Middle Eastern countries. This is a complex, long-term undertaking, involving multiple levers of action and players. This panel will bring together various players involved in these strategies to discuss their feedback and needs.