Amelia Liu

Job Title
COO & Co-founder
China Starwin Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
Mainly responsible for StarWin’s overall operation and emphasizing in Sales & Marketing, Technical Support ,Customer Service and Logistic with Key account Management etc . Company Culture & Management Initiator and Implementor -3S Management principle (Superiorty , Speed , Service) -Smart Working priciple (Specific, Measurable, Atteinable, Result based , Time based) -SP Success Principle (Passion , Persistence , Profesionalism) Optimized Management System 1)- Supply System 2)- Performance Assurance 3)- QC & AC (ISO9001) 4)- Product Inspection 5)- Packaging System 6)- Storage System (ERP) 7)- Sales and Technical Support System Starwin Train System Establisher -Culture & Regulation Training -Working process Training - Overseas Sales Training - Logistic Training


16:25 / 17:10
Grand Ballroom

Space Policy and Industry

Ground Segment at the Heart of a Changing Ecosystem

From gateway stations to end-user terminals, the market is experiencing profound transformations driven by the digitalization of satellite networks and the deployment of satellite constellations. Key players will discuss these developments and how they can translate into new opportunities in the Middle East market.