Athiye Jawad

Job Title
Head of Business, MENA Civil Governments
Planet Labs
Athiye Jawad, is the Head of Business, MENA Civil Governments at Planet Labs, an innovative earth observation satellite company, she combines her engineering expertise with her entrepreneurial spirit to chart a course toward a more sustainable future. Born with an insatiable curiosity for outer space and a desire to make a difference, Athiye earned her Master's degree in Aerospace from SUPAERO, ISAE in Toulouse, France. After completing her education, Athiye embarked on a career that would see her working with some of the world's prestigious corporations including Corning, Airbus, and Rolls-Royce. She brought her diverse experiences to Planet Labs, where she leverages her technical background to bridge the gap between engineering and strategy, storytelling, and leadership. Her work at Planet Labs is marked by a dedication to harnessing the power of earth observation satellites to address pressing environmental challenges. One of her most recent endeavours is her leadership in collaboration with the UAE Space Agency on the development of a Loss and Damage Atlas for climate vulnerable states for COP28. This ambitious project underscores Athiye's commitment to using her expertise to mitigate the environmental consequences of climate change. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Athiye is an advocate for outreach and education in the space and environmental sectors. She actively engages with non-profit organisations, leveraging her skills to drive initiatives that promote knowledge sharing and awareness. Her dedication is fostering the next generation of space enthusiasts. She has served as the Vice Development for the World Space Week and played pivotal roles within the Space Generation Advisory Council, supporting the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. Fun fact: she can speak seven languages.


14:40 / 15:05
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Global Operators to Develop the Regional EO Market

The leading global operators of Earth observation satellite systems will discuss their expansion plan to provide always better observation data and services to their government and commercial clients and how they see market developments in the Middle East.