Azzan Al Said

Job Title
Azzan Al Said has been involved with technology ventures and startups since 2014. Such initiatives include fintech platforms, high output computer systems, and nanotech solutions for wear resistance within industrial applications. Azzan has been advising the National Space Program in Oman since 2021 and founded the National Aerospace Services Company (NASCOM) in the same year to facilitate the development of concepts within the Sultanate’s space sector. Since 2022, NASCOM has been spearheading the country’s initiative to develop the Middle East’s first commercial spaceport. In parallel to his involvement with space and technology, Azzan actively promotes sports and is the vice president of the national olympic committee of Oman. His qualifications are; BSc in politics and philosophy and a postgraduate diploma in international management from Oxford Brookes University, and he is a professionally qualified army officer from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.


12:20 / 13:00
Grand Ballroom

Space Policy and Industry

A Snapshot of the Oman Space Ecosystem: Collaboration & Investment Opportunities

As the Sultanate of Oman sets the foundation for the development of a national space ecosystem, key players talk about prospects for space business in the country and growth strategies.

    15:30 / 15:45
    Grand Ballroom

    Space Policy and Industry

    Opportunities for Spaceport Development : Discussing the Oman case

    A recent partnership to establish a business case for a spaceport in the region will be presented sharing opportunities and challenges they see for their project.