Colin Macleod

Job Title
Head of UK Space Regulation
UK Civil Aviation Authority
Colin joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 2020 as Head of UK Space Regulation. He has built a team of experienced space engineers and regulators enabling the CAA to take on the legal responsibility for UK space regulation in July 2021. Prior to this Colin was Director of Legislation and Regulation in the UK Space Agency, where he led the Agency’s work with the Department for Transport on secondary legislation needed to implement the Space Industry Act 2018. As a career civil servant Colin has deep experience in policy, operations and delivery, with extensive experience in working with regulators and industry with a focus on national and nuclear safety along with security policy and assurance.


10:00 / 10:30
Grand Ballroom

Space Enablers

Evolving Space Regulatory Environment

As the Middle East space market develops, the sector needs a solid regulatory framework conducive to business expansion. Representatives of regulatory authorities will exchange on best practices and ongoing changing regulatory environment for the space sector in the region.