David Critchley

Job Title
4 Earth Intelligence
David founded 4 Earth Intelligence 14 years ago in UAE focusing on remote sensing and earth observation after spending over 10 years managing an aerial survey & mapping company in Europe. David wanted to explore how satellites could be used in creating actionable intelligence for the environmental, agricultural and climate change sectors and so help GCC countries meet their environmental goals in a timely and cost-effective way. Originally focusing on using satellites for the marine environment the company grew organically over the years and now has a portfolio of products & services covering habitat, agricutlure, natural capital, sustainable development goals, carbon credits & climate change for both terrestrial and marine environments.David and the 4EI team are passionate about AI/ML technology with high investment in this area to ensure that the company stays ahead of the technology curve. AI & ML are now central to all of 4EI production processes and delivery of AI remote sensing tools to clients is becoming more common.David and 4EI team are passionate about the environment, technology, and space. We love what we do.


13:40 / 14:40
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Developing Next-gen Geospatial Solutions in the Gulf Region

The Middle East strongly needs geospatial solutions in various sectors such as defense & security, urban planning, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Thanks to a growing service provider ecosystem in the region, this panel will discuss how leading analytics and solutions providers see the specific needs in the region and how they address them.