David Gelerman

Job Title
President & CEO
Mr. David Gelerman is a visionary engineer, innovator and businessman with over 40 years of experience. In 1988, Mr. Gelerman founded Advantech Wireless Inc., serving as President and CEO for the last 30 years. Steering company from a start-up to become a dominant global player in the satellite ground communication business, both in RF and VSAT networking. Through organic growth and acquisition, the company became one of the major players in VSAT and RF solid state HPA businesses and one of the largest exporters in Quebec. In 2018, after the divestiture of the RF business, Mr. Gelerman carried on the VSAT baseband business under the SpaceBridge banner. This business consists on the SCPC modems operating in the DVB-S2X standard and VSAT Platforms comprising of Hubs and User Terminals, based on DVB-RCS and DVB-RCS2 open standards, keeping in tradition of innovation and with continued strengths as a best-in-class technology, creating the new generation of VSAT Platform – Estella, one of the most advanced, flexible and powerful VSAT satellite network platforms. Both Hubs and User Terminals were designed to support the DVB-RCS2 + extensions as well as proprietary waveforms that further improve the spectral efficiency and throughput of the VSAT platform. In 2023 SpaceBridge Inc. re-entered also the RF Business, providing the high power SSPA/BUCs in C, X, Ku and Ka-bands based on Gen III GaN technology. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Gelerman held various engineering and management positions at Nortel Networks, including Development Manager of the Transmission Networks Division, where he managed teams that developed several key Point-to-Point (P2P) terrestrial radio systems. Mr. Gelerman holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE), specializing in Wireless Communications and Broadcasting.


16:25 / 17:10
Grand Ballroom

Space Policy and Industry

Ground Segment at the Heart of a Changing Ecosystem

From gateway stations to end-user terminals, the market is experiencing profound transformations driven by the digitalization of satellite networks and the deployment of satellite constellations. Key players will discuss these developments and how they can translate into new opportunities in the Middle East market.