Dr. Yashu Kang

Job Title
Chief AI Scientist
Dr. Yashu Kang He is currently the Chief AI Scientist and directs the Research Group at STAR.VISION. He received his Ph.D. From the University of Nebraska and MS from Georgia institute of technology. His expertise lies in deep learning and AI satellite development, remote sensing and spatial-temporal big data analysis. He led the team to have achieved two consecutive runner-ups and a champion of global dataset challenge in the Earth Observation (Remote Sensing) track of the IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), as the only commercial aerospace company in the leaderboard (2022-2023). He also served as reviewer for Advanced Materials Research, Transportation Research Record, etc., and a member of TRB AHB academic committee.


13:40 / 14:40
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Developing Next-gen Geospatial Solutions in the Gulf Region

The Middle East strongly needs geospatial solutions in various sectors such as defense & security, urban planning, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Thanks to a growing service provider ecosystem in the region, this panel will discuss how leading analytics and solutions providers see the specific needs in the region and how they address them.