Jai Dialani

Job Title
Managing Director, US
Jai Dialani is the CEO and Managing Director for Leaf Space USA, a leader in ground segment services for satellite operators and launch vehicles. Prior to joining Leaf Space, he was responsible for product management at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He led the public launch of AWS Ground Station service, expanded their global network, managed customer onboarding and business development. Previously, Jai has held product management roles in various capacities at Iridium and Orbcomm leading maritime, land mobile, aerospace, cloud-based IoT platforms, and transportation asset tracking product portfolios. He has also created and successfully exited IoT-based startups. Jai has a Master’s degree in wireless telecommunications from USA and Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.


10:50 / 11:10
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Partnerships for Ground Segment as a Service in the Middle East