Laurent Valignon

Job Title
Development Director
Laurent Valignon has spent most of his career in the telecommunications and aerospace consulting sector. He started his career as a researcher in space programs economics on numerous international research projects. In 1997, Laurent joined Euroconsult, where he became an expert in charge of managing the most demanding and sophisticated consulting assignments. He was extensively involved in analyses of the satellite video and Internet markets worldwide. From 1999 to 2008, Laurent acted as senior consultant at Vista Advisers (acquired in 2006 by Aon). In this position, he actively took part in many types of assignments such as analyses of business opportunities, definition and validation of corporate strategy, due diligence processes for banks and financial institutions, analyses of alliances and joint ventures, etc. for a number of new satellite projects in all regions, including Asia Pacific, Americas, India and Russia. Since he joined SATConsult in 2008, Laurent has been acting as Marketing & Business Development Director, as well as a senior Space Market and Financial Analyst. He has been involved in multiple assignments, both for supporting project management and coordination and leading market and business planning related tasks. Laurent also is a regular lecturer at ISU and at the French Aeronautical and Space school (ISAE) in Toulouse. Laurent is graduated in economics and holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Space Studies from the International Space University (ISU).


10:50 / 11:10
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Partnerships for Ground Segment as a Service in the Middle East

    16:25 / 17:10
    Grand Ballroom

    Space Policy and Industry

    Ground Segment at the Heart of a Changing Ecosystem

    From gateway stations to end-user terminals, the market is experiencing profound transformations driven by the digitalization of satellite networks and the deployment of satellite constellations. Key players will discuss these developments and how they can translate into new opportunities in the Middle East market.

      11:45 / 12:35
      Grand Ballroom

      Space Enablers

      Enabling Markets of Tomorrow

      The space sector is undergoing a unique period of innovation, opening up new markets and new use cases. From space logistics to commercial space stations, the panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges for these new markets, and the requirements to support their expansion.

        13:40 / 14:40
        Grand Ballroom

        Space Applications

        Developing Next-gen Geospatial Solutions in the Gulf Region

        The Middle East strongly needs geospatial solutions in various sectors such as defense & security, urban planning, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Thanks to a growing service provider ecosystem in the region, this panel will discuss how leading analytics and solutions providers see the specific needs in the region and how they address them.