Masoud Al Azri

Job Title
Director General of Marketing in Agriculture and Fisheries
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources
Masoud Al-Azri is working in Oman's agricultural sector. Starting as Director of Agricultural and Livestock Research, he progressed through key roles, including leading the Tissue Culture Research Center and serving as Director General of the Agricultural and Livestock Research. Transitioning seamlessly, he became Director General of Planning at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Water Resources.he also demonstrated adaptability as the Executive Director of the Agricultural and Fisheries Development Fund.and currently he is Director general of Marketing in-Agriculture and fisheries. Also acts as the official spokesman for MAFWRBeyond administrative roles, Dr. Al-Azri has made impactful contributions to plant pathology, spearheading projects that foster research knowledge exchange. His commitment extends to community welfare. Dr. Al-Azri's educational journey, including a Ph.D. in Food Security from the University of Nottingham, reflects his dedication to academic excellence and sustainable development in Oman's agriculture.


15:25 / 16:25
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Earth Observation Strategies for Sustainable Development in the Middle East

Governments in the Middle East face sustainability challenges that are unique and thus require dedicated investment and socio-economic development strategies. Space assets are increasingly part of these strategies that are implemented by the government agencies in charge of environment, climate change, natural resources.