Mazin Al Shahwarzi

Job Title
Director General of Technology & Geographical Information
Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning
Prior to Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning in 2021, Mr. Mazin had worked for Central Bank of Oman, Royal Airforce of Oman & Civil Service Employees Pension Fund. He is pioneer in leading and managing the GIS sector in Sultanate of Oman as he was involved in various technology, GIS projects for location intelligence and mapping techniques using GeoAI and remote sensing.He was also involved with various Information technology projects for the Central Bank of Oman like the Automated Clearing House, Electronic Clearing Cheque, Identity Management, Exchange mailing Systems, HP Business service management solution, Private Cloud Technology and many other projects handled by Information Technology Department in Royal Airforce and Pension Fund.Likewise, he is a member of different committees like e-tendering, e-services and addressing committees, E-government Taskforce, Innovation Taskforce, and coordinates corporate social events for the GIS days in the sultanate. Socially, he is was an active member of the Information Technology (IT) Committee in a government schools, where he provided strategic approach for Information Technology education for young children.Mr. Mazin holds a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Information Technology from UK (2004) and had completed his higher studies in Australia (2011) to be a Masters holder in Information Technology from Sydney University. In 2019 he completed a second Master’s degree in International Relation and Security Studies from Sultan Qaboos university in Oman and his thesis was about the Harnessing Technology Disrupters: How Financial Technology Will Enhance Oman’s Political Economy and Banking Business Strategies.He has around 23 years of experience in IT sector in Oman like Urban planning, Banking, defense, and government. He has also completed numerous IT Program courses from various institutions and attended conferences in the United Kingdom, the United States of America (USA), Australia, and the Czech Republic. He was also invited to talk on Oracle Media Network on the successful implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite in USA in 2011.Additionally, in 2015 he was invited to present on the topic of Hewlett-Packard technology and the successful implementation of HP Business Service Management Solutions in Central Bank of Oman. Moreover, he was a presenting a topic in Esri User Conference 2023 about the emerging technologies in lands administration used in Ministry of housing and urban Planning, Then he participated in the Federation International of the Geomatics’ & Surveyor group members summit in Netherlands to provide a paper on the remote sensing and GeoAI.


15:25 / 16:25
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Earth Observation Strategies for Sustainable Development in the Middle East

Governments in the Middle East face sustainability challenges that are unique and thus require dedicated investment and socio-economic development strategies. Space assets are increasingly part of these strategies that are implemented by the government agencies in charge of environment, climate change, natural resources.