Moataz AbdelAzim

Job Title
Director of Sales in Europe, Middle East, & Africa
Moataz AbdelAzim is the LeoLabs Director of Sales for EMEA's defense, civil, and commercial markets. He delivers a new generation of threat intelligence and augments national SSA sovereignty with commercial infrastructure. Previously as the commercial sales manager, Moataz delivered a portfolio of products for more than 70% of all active spacecraft to enable safe and sustainable operations. Prior to LeoLabs, Moataz led commercial and global sales for FreeFlyer at a.i. solutions. Moataz holds a Global MBA from the Alliance Manchester Business School, and a B.S. in Aerospace engineering from Rutgers University.


11:45 / 12:35
Grand Ballroom

Space Enablers

Enabling Markets of Tomorrow

The space sector is undergoing a unique period of innovation, opening up new markets and new use cases. From space logistics to commercial space stations, the panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges for these new markets, and the requirements to support their expansion.