Dr. Mohamed Alahbabi

Job Title
Special Advisor Group
Dr. Al Ahbabi boasts a distinguished career spanning defense, telecommunications, space, and academia in the UAE. Rising to the rank of major in the military. Dr. Al Ahbabi is a distinguished figure in the field of space in particular. He is the visionary founder and former Director General of the UAE Space Agency, serving in this pivotal role from 2014 to 2021. Under his leadership, the UAE Space Agency achieved remarkable milestones, marking the nation's foray into space exploration and educational initiatives notably with the UAE Mars Mission. Dr. Al Ahbabi's strategic vision extended beyond space exploration. He played a pivotal role in establishing and shaping key entities within the UAE, including the Defense Center of Excellence COE, the National Space Science and Technology Center NSSTC at UAE University, the Space Technology & Innovation Center at Khalifa University, and the Space Science Center at NYU Abu Dhabi. Internationally, Dr. Al Ahbabi's influence extends to the establishment of the Arab Space Cooperation Group. His dedication to space education includes advisory roles at the International Space University and membership in space cetners affiliated to the United Nations. He served as the Vice President in the International Astronautical Federation IAF in 2018 and received the honor of Ambassador for IAF in 2021. Currently, as a senior strategic advisor in Space, Defense, and ICT, he contributes to various boards in government and the private sector. Dr. Al Ahbabi's qualifications include a Ph.D. in Communications Engineering (UK), a Master's degree in Optical Communications Engineering (UK), and a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering (USA), show casing his commitment to lifelong learning and excellence. During his doctoral studies, Dr. Al Ahbabi exhibited his commitment to advancing knowledge by authoring and presenting approximately 20 scientific papers, showcasing his research acumen. He is also an active member in UAE scholars within Emirates Strategic Study Center.


14:30 / 15:00
Grand Ballroom

Space Policy and Industry

Leveraging Partnerships with the Commercial Space Industry

The panel will discuss how global space industry stakeholders perceive developments in the Middle East market and how they partner to support space capabilities in the region.