Mubarak Al Sawafi

Job Title
Executive Manager, Radio Spectrum Sector
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
Mr. Mubarak Al-Sawafi has twenty four (24) years work experience. He has (18) years experience in Radio Monitoring, Spectrum management and coordination at national, regional and international levels. He is skilled in spectrum management, radio interference, monitoring equipment and networks, measurement techniques, coordination on related interreference and spectrum management matters. He represented the Administration of Sultanate of Oman in many meetings relevant to spectrum management at the regional and international levels. In his current post, he is responsible for spectrum management and monitoring relevant activities besides quality of service and type approval activities. At the international level, he acted as Vice Chairman of Working Party (WP) 1C responsible for Spectrum Monitoring in Study Group (SG) 1 at International Telecommunication Union (ITU) since 2012. Currently, he is the acting Chairman of Working Party (WP) 1C at SG 1since June 2023.


10:00 / 10:30
Grand Ballroom

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Evolving Space Regulatory Environment

As the Middle East space market develops, the sector needs a solid regulatory framework conducive to business expansion. Representatives of regulatory authorities will exchange on best practices and ongoing changing regulatory environment for the space sector in the region.