Rasha Al Amad

Job Title
Director Strategic Planning and Deputy Chief International Relations
Bahrain National Space Science Agency (NSSA)
Ms. Rasha Al Amad is Director Strategic Planning and Deputy Chief International Relations in the Bahrain National Space Science Agency (NSSA). Her responsibilities include developing the National Space Strategies in close partnership with the stakeholders in line with H.M. vision and the National Space Policy, and driving its implementation, setting the Agency’s corporate plans, overseeing its performance, risks and finances. Ms. Al Amad’s broader responsibilities have included organizing, normalizing, and optimizing international cooperation to support the strategic objectives. She has overseen the strengthening of NSSA’s engagement with stakeholders at national level, though the widening of capacity building, research, communications and outreach activities, and initiating projects to fulfil national needs with the aim of achieving comprehensive and sustainable development. Rasha holds a Masters in Computer Science from Concordia University and a Project Management Professional. She is currently representing NSSA in several space organizations and international working groups. Prior to joining NSSA in 2016, she worked in the education, private and banking sectors, with +10 years of experience in strategy development and in project management.


11:35 / 12:20
Grand Ballroom

Space Policy and Industry

Evolving Models and Strategies for Space Agencies in Middle East

With the emergence of new ambitions and national strategies for space in Middle Eastern countries, the region is experiencing unprecedented dynamism. A panel made up of representatives from various space agencies in the region will discuss the different directions taken.