Rob Ayasse

Job Title
Vice President - Earth Observation Sales
Kongsberg Satellite Services
Rob joined Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) in February 2015 and is now the global Vice President for Earth Observation Sales. He specializes in KSAT’s world-leading, satellite-based, oil spill and vessel detection services and has focused on bringing these industry-leading services to the Arabian Gulf region. Before that, Rob worked in crisis management and operations at NATO HQ in Brussels (15 years), engaged on the operations in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq, counter-piracy off the coast of Somalia and Afghanistan; served as the OSCE Desk Officer for the Canadian Foreign Ministry (2 years); was a reserve combat engineer in the Canadian army (6 years); and served on the Board of Directors for Alchem Field Services and the Canada Chemical Corporation. Rob also founded the oil and gas clean technology company VERDIS Synthetic Fuels in 2010.


13:40 / 14:40
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Developing Next-gen Geospatial Solutions in the Gulf Region

The Middle East strongly needs geospatial solutions in various sectors such as defense & security, urban planning, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Thanks to a growing service provider ecosystem in the region, this panel will discuss how leading analytics and solutions providers see the specific needs in the region and how they address them.