Sir Martin Sweeting

Job Title
Founder & Executive Chairman
Professor Sir Martin Sweeting pioneered rapid-response, low-cost and highly capable small satellites utilizing modern consumer (COTS) electronics devices to change the economics of space and is widely regarded internationally as the ‘father of small satellites ’that has since led to ‘NewSpace’ that has changed the nature of the space industry. In 1985, he founded a spin-off University company (SSTL) which has designed, built, launched and operated in orbit 74 nano, micro and mini-satellites for communications & Earth observation – as well as 34 navigation payloads for the European Galileo constellation. SSTL is providing advanced small satellites to the UK MoD and has specialised on know-how/training and national capacity-building programmes with 20 countries.He is a distinguished professor at the University of Surrey, and Chair of the academic Surrey Space Centre researching advanced small satellite concepts and techniques – an exemplar of real academic-commercial synergy. He led the UK National Hub on Space Robotics and Autonomous Systems (FAIR-SPACE) and advises several space investment funds and space agencies.Sir Martin is Fellow of the UK Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering.