Stephane Chenard

Job Title
Senior Associate Consultant


09:45 / 10:30
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Developments in the Satcom Service Market in the Middle East

Satellite communication service companies and national telecommunications operators will discuss how they plan to bring always better communications services to governments and businesses in the region. The merits of the different satellite systems with respect to the specific needs of the region.

    11:35 / 12:25
    Grand Ballroom

    Space Applications

    Satellite Solutions Serving the Oil & Gas Regional Industry

    As the Oil and Gas sector remains a fundamental pillar of the regional economy, this panel aims to discuss with industrials how space solutions are supporting them in tackling sustainability challenges of the sector and making their daily operations easier.

      10:00 / 10:30
      Grand Ballroom

      Space Enablers

      Evolving Space Regulatory Environment

      As the Middle East space market develops, the sector needs a solid regulatory framework conducive to business expansion. Representatives of regulatory authorities will exchange on best practices and ongoing changing regulatory environment for the space sector in the region.