Sunghee Lee

Job Title
Dr. Sunghee Lee is a highly accomplished professional in the space sector, currently serving as the CEO of CONTEC. With an illustrious career spanning over 16 years at KARI, Dr. Lee honed his expertise as a research engineer, focusing on ground systems and satellite operations. He was involved in major space projects that marked the beginning of New Space in Korea including the launch mission of 'KSLV-I (Naro)', the first launch vehicle to be developed by Korea. He extended his expertise globally by working as a visiting researcher at Carleton University, collaborating on various cubesat missions. His passion for advancing space technology drove him to establish CONTEC, which has thrived under his leadership, providing cutting-edge solutions for the satellite industry’s diverse needs.


10:50 / 11:10
Grand Ballroom

Space Applications

Partnerships for Ground Segment as a Service in the Middle East