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About Mwasalat


Founded in 1972, Oman National Transport Company "Mwasalat" initially provided transportation for school students in Muscat Governorate. By June 1975, it expanded to public transport services. In July 1984, a Royal Decree awarded it a concession for public transport across Oman. A permanent member of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), Mwasalat is a Middle East public transport leader. In November 2015, it launched its new identity "Mwasalat", with bus operations covering main routes, contributing to Oman's economy.


Established in 2008, National Ferries Company "Mwasalat" serves Oman's maritime transportation needs. It connects regions, facilitating maritime transport. Essential for Oman's 3,165 km coastline, the ferry service is vital for citizens and tourists. Mwasalat ferries offer First-Class service and play a role in corporate social responsibility, especially during pandemics and natural disasters. Currently, the company operates six vessels, covering six destinations in Oman.