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SATLANTIS Microsats S.A. is a leading provider of High and Very High-Resolution optical payloads for Small Satellites, designing and manufacturing Earth Observation & Universe Exploration payloads for Small Sats, and providing user-driven End-to-End Small Satellite Solutions for different EO applications, including greenhouse gas detection, defence and security, land monitoring, among others.

With a disruptive technology, its innovative iSIM cameras (multispectral and infrared), the Company counts on ten space missions, between completed, ongoing and planned.

SATLANTIS has launched its first IOD missions to the ISS with JAXA and NASA (in 2020 and 2021) and its first complete satellite solutions for EO in May 2022 and in June 2023.

SATLANTIS has a subsidiary in Gainesville (Florida, USA), SATLANTIS LLC, and in Cambridge (UK), SuperSharp, specialized in thermal infrared payloads for Earth Observation satellites.

SATLANTIS is a founding member of YEESS – The Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space.