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SatMENA is an Omani Satellite Communication company licensed by the TRA to provide Satellite Communication services in Oman. SatMENA specializes in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links using VSAT terminals serving a wide variety of businesses. We operate our own Teleport with 6.3 meter antenna, combined with the latest NewTec HUB and a single wide Ka-Band beam of more than 1000MHz, covering the entire area of the Sultanate, enabling us to provide unprecedented speeds up to 1Gbps on a single terminal. SatMENA’s beam is provided in partnership with SES, the largest operator of GEO and MEO satellite fleets in the world. Our security technology and policy are compliant with SES standards, and meet the highest security requirements imposed by the US Ministry of Defense and the NATO, currently using SES SATCOM services.